Frequently Asked Questions

- Is it free?

See it First is entirely free and will always be. We don’t ask for your credit card or any kind of payment information at any step in your user experience.

- Do you need my email address?

We don’t need your email address to start using Seeit1st. Just subscribe with your active mobile number to the service and go.

- What if I change my mobile number?

You need an active mobile number subscribed to Seeit1st to see new homes instantly. So, if you changed your mobile number, all you need to do is visit again, fill out the search form, and click ‘Let me in’ button. That’s it.

- What if I need to change my search criteria?

If your needs changes, then we instantly adapt our services to them. When you need to update your search criteria, send us a message ‘Update’ via WhatsApp to go to your search preferences screen. When you finished, just click on the ‘Save’ button on the page and it’s done!

- When you send the new homes in the market?

Instantly. Because you have to be fast to move into your new home. Besides, our service works from 8 am to 8 pm so you won’t get any messages outside that times.

- What if I want to stop see the new homes instantly?

If you want to stop using Seeit1st, all you need to do is send a ‘Stop’ message to us on WhatsApp. That’s it; you’re opted-out. We’re going to miss you, but also happy that you found your new home!