Find your new home just using WhatsApp!

Finding a new home is complicated. It could be exciting or tiresome, and the most important thing when looking for a new property is arrange a viewing as soon as possible. If you see it first, then you can be the first to call the agent.

Why WhatsApp?

We offer you the fastest way to find your new home: On the most-seen screen in the world.

See it First is a property search service which is working on WhatsApp. The only thing you need to do to use it is to subscribe the WhatsApp channel by submitting your mobile number and send the pre-written message to See it First on WhatsApp. It will just take seconds.

We don’t store or use your cookies, personal information or browsing history to help you to find your new home.

Thousands of new properties are on the most-seen screen on the world

Forget lots of mobile applications, unread emails, and millions of notifications. Just check your WhatsApp as usual when new properties come onto the market, and call the agent instantly if you like one.

It's Free

Because the best things in life are free.

No app installs

Because you already have the best one! The most-seen screen in the world.

No email required

Because no passwords required! It's just Whatsapp.

Be the first, it's a race

We search the market all the time and whenever a new property comes, send you a message instantly with a picture of property, and the details;

How many bedrooms & bathrooms it has, and the price.

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